Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bento I have made so far...

From now on I will post bento as I make them - these are ones I made prior to creating my blog.

English muffins with tomato, mushroom and egg. Strawberry yoghurt with kiwifruit and rockmelon.

Rice with salmon furikake and rockmelon and blueberries, soy sauce shrimps, homemade croquettes, homemade mini quiche, cherry tomato

English muffins with tomato, egg, mushroom. Strawberry yoghurt with rockmelon and blueberries.

Sweet chili sauce prawns with green beans and red capsicum. Rice.


  1. Hi Nichola! Wonderful job on the bentos and you already have a bunch of cute gear! :D Looking forward to seeing more of your bentos!

  2. Thanks!! I think I am going to take one spare suitcase to Japan just to buy bento gear!
    I'm almost at my weight watchers goal weight, so I'll have a little more flexibility with what foods I can put in which will help too.