Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Airplane food...

I'm off to Auckland for work tomorrow - have to leave home just before 6 for a 7am flight, then have a meeting until 1pm, then flight back at 2:30. This has potential to be very un-weight watchers friendly so I decided to make my own version of eki -ben.

I made english muffin pizzas for breakfast to have with a banana. They look a bit weird but have a pickle/chutney thing, mushrooms, capsicum and red onion.

Morning tea is yoghurt with blueberries, rockmelon and a kiwifruit. I think lunch might be once we get back to the airport or on the plane, so I made tuna pasta salad. I've never made it before but had a look at what the deli at the supermarket had, then went back to the vegetable section to get what they used. It has tomato and basil tuna, red onion, celery, red capsicum, weight watchers mayo and pasta. I'm guessing that I'm not going to need afternoon tea until I get back to Wellington, so I'm going to just leave a banana in the car to eat when I get back.

Breakfast is four weight watchers points, morning tea is two points and lunch is five.

This is what it looks like all packed up.

The text on the top of the lid is written in romaji - in English it says "there are lots of animals in the forest isn't there. How many names can you say?". Hmm.

I haven't had a flight since December so I can't wait to go. I've just put my camera battery in it's charger so hopefuly I will be able to post a couple of photos.


  1. Don't leave the banana in the car... it'll overheat!


  2. Good point - I have had one in there all week and it looks ok but I didn't think about what it might be like inside! Might be bbq-ed!

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  4. Wow that looks good, better than what you will find in the airport I'm sure. I wish I could take my bento on flights with me. At least I know I would save some money and have really good food.

  5. Thanks Marisa! It is only a 45minute flight so I just had the breakfast on board. I felt a bit dumb when everyone else was getting their airplane muffin or muesli but reminded myself that what I made is much healthier!

  6. Great way to stay on track! Both look delicious! :D

  7. Thanks Susan - they were both so yum! Was very pleased with them.