Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another non bento post...

My blog is still a bento blog but I saw the post that Marisa at All in Good Food had made and thought I had to try it. I changed it a bit so it was weight watchers friendly/what the supermarket had (went to New World Metro so not much choice). This was sooooo delicious!

125grams penne pasta
3 tablespoons light cream cheese
1/4 can of light evaoporated milk (maybe just under 100mls)
a 50g packet of tomato paste
lots of salt and pepper
a couple of handfulls of beans
half an onion
a courgette
half a capsicum
two chicken breasts (the packet I got was 240 grams and when cooked they were both 80grams)

Firstly I put the chicken on to bake (but changed to grill near the end). While the pasta was boiling I sauteed the onion, then added the beans, courgette and red capsicum. Once they seemed cooked enough I added the evaporated milk and the tomato paste, and then the cream cheese. Mixed it around a bit and then added the cooked, drained pasta and ground on lots of salt and pepper. Then, served it with the chicken on top (obviously, since there is a photo). I worked out that it would be eithe 7 or 7.5 weight watchers points (hard to be sure with the rounding).

This only took about 20 minutes to make so I'm going to try making another one now for lunch, but using sundried tomato and basil tuna (lower points for lunch).

Sorry the pic is a bit rubbish but I was very hungry!


  1. Wow that looks so good. I am flattered you were inspired by something I made. Yeah that recipe is very versitile and easily changable but you can get the same amazing taste. Can't wait to see the sundried tomato and basil tuna version. Pics please. I was able to find mini penne so I may try it for bento when I work out the numbers.

  2. Yup it looked so good I had to try it! The low fat cream cheese was great - so creamy! I put in twice the amount of cream cheese in the tuna one by mistake so instead of having it for lunch I have put it in the freezer and will have it for dinner one night - will take a pic tho! Mini penne?! How cute would that be!