Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long time no see bento...

I've been quite busy lately so haven't made any bento, but I decided that is no excuse because it doesn't actually take that long. Plus, I didn't have much food for lunch without going to the supermarket, and what I did have fitted well into a bento, so this was an easy option!

Today's bento is white rice with an umeboshi on top (I ate the bento right after making it so I didnt need the umeboshi for keeping the rice fresh, but I thought it looked a bit plain otherwise. With that is just canned sundried tomato and basil flavoured tuna which I warmed in the microwave. The other container has a bed of alfalfa sprouts which you can't really see. On the left are the mini quiches I made ages ago and had in the freezer (the rice was from the freezer too - I make heaps and bag it up), in the penguin is sweet chili sauce, then on the right is just Watties frozen chunky carrot/broccoli/cauliflower mix that I just picked out the broccoli and carrot from and heated them in the microwave.

Because everything except the tuna was frozen all I had to do was heat everything up. This made for a very quick bento.

This works out as five weight watchers points (2.5 for the rice, 1 for the mini quiches, .5 for the sweet chili sauce, 1 for the tuna).

It's my birthday next week so I am going to do some baking for work (I'm thinking of making Cadbury Cream Egg cupcakes, although haven't decided how, maybe like marble cake with chocolate on top - any ideas welcome!) so check back for that if you are into baking too!


  1. That's a really cute bento. I always wondered what an umeboshi tasted like. I know it's a sour pickled plum, but I can't imagine the flavor mixture of white rice and something sour. lol I'm going to have to pick some up one day and try it for myself. :)

  2. Thanks! This is the link to the one I used below - it wasn't as dark in colour or as strong as normal, so would be a good one to try if you haven't had them before. They are a bit of an acquired taste! I'm not sure if it is a mild flavour or something (I can't read most of the kanji and the lable just says it is plum flavour). These ones are a bit bigger than normal, but I guess that makes sense though because the more pickeled they are, the stronger the flavour and smaller they may get.
    When I lived in Japan my flatmate used to often have them for breakfast, I think just by themselves, they are meant to be good for loosing weight or something I think.

  3. Great bento!!! :D Beautiful colors and everything looks delicious!

  4. Thank you Susan! I'm a bit restricted at the moment with what I can use because of my diet (think I will be at goal by Friday though!) but I thought this wasn't too bad for 6 or 7 minutes effort (took longer to get the photo on the laptop than it did to make it!).