Friday, February 5, 2010

Not quite a bento...

This blog is about my bentos but I loooove airplanes so can't help but post these pics. I've seen the A380 at Auckland before, but only parked up and it doesn't look so big at the far away gate made especially for it. Seeing it on the runway was another story though!

Coming in to land the wings looked so thick! I think unless you have another plane to compare it to, its shape actually makes it look smaller than it really is (something about the bump in the 747 seems to make it bigger). I will add more pics to my facebook airplane album in case anyone wants to see more.

The Emirates A388 just touching down at Auckland, with two Air New Zealand 733s and not sure what the Qantas is.

Huuuuuuge wing span!!!!

The 733 I went home on with the A388 in the background - makes the 733 look tiny!!

The A388 with the Emirates A340 just landing - not sure what series the 340 is sorry but shows how big the A388 is compared to what is already a decent sized aircraft!!


  1. Nice shots! I love planes too!

  2. Thanks! I'm going to Chch at least once in March, but probably twice so will take some more!