Monday, March 15, 2010

Almost a magic four square bento box!

I was at work until just before 7pm tonight and was super tired but suddenly inspired to make a bento for tomorrow. I went to New World Thorndon and they had these four little boxes together in a pack - I was so excited because it pretty much looks like the magic four square bento box I've been wanting for ages. They fit very well into the clear box that I bought from the $2 in Newtown a few weeks ago. The only downside was that I put the lids on the little boxes to take it to work and then the lid of the clear box didn't fit properly. But, that was also ok because I just used the elastic band thing from another of my bento boxes.

This bento is pretty much the same as my last one but it was hard to come up with something while I was at the supermarket!

Top left fits 100g of rice perfectly (2.5 weight watchers points) - it is 125mls. It has salmon furikake on it. I tried to use a cutter as a stencil but it didn't work. Next to that is mini quiches with sweet chili sauce in the penguin. (1 point for all five and .5 for the sauce). Bottom right is blueberries and kiwifruit (.5 points) and bottom left is a can of sundried tomato and basil tuna (1 point) with red capsicum, celery and red onion. Down the side are carrots and broccoli. So this is 5.5 points. I got to my goal weight the week before last but had three dinners out over the weekend so am trying to be careful about my points for the next few days.

Now that I have made this the kitchen is a mess but I am tempted to make a breakfast bento for tomorrow.

This Friday I'm off to Christchurch for my friend's baby's baptism. I'm going to be his godmother, and I haven't met him yet (they live in Japan) so I am very excited!


  1. Great bento! You have one of those cool bento boxes too! :D

  2. Thanks! It isn't one of the MS4B boxes that lots of the others have though - this was four boxes I saw at the supermarket and I put them in one I already had - a little "kiwi ingenuity" there! I just found out there are MS4B boxes on ebay which I guess I don't need now but I am still tempted! (my are rectanguar and they are square, so it isn't like they are the same...)

  3. So great to see what you filled inside the 4 sections. Yum!!

  4. Thanks Lia! It was really yum and filling!