Wednesday, March 17, 2010

チャーハン (Chahan)

Tomorrow's bento is tuna salad, chahan (Japanese fried rice - I used the salmon (sake) flavour packet), stir fried mushrooms and zucchini, and yoghurt with blueberries and kiwifruit.

They are sitting on another of my Uniqlo yukata.

I need to hunt around and look for my other chop stick because as I tweeted yesterday, when I got to lunch time and opened my chop stick case, there was only one in there!!!


  1. Great bento and the Chahan sounds delicious! :D LOL, I hope you find your other chopstick!

  2. Thanks Susan! I ordered a propper M4SB the day before yesterday but in the meantime this one is pretty good. The chahan when all weird and didn't stick together like normal. I re-heated it from frozen so that might have been it. It still tasted good though. I found the other chopstick in my cutlery draw this morning too luckily!!