Sunday, March 28, 2010

Japanese Kitchen in Hataitai (the take away place, not Ange and Pat's kitchen!)

Last night I went to Ange and Pat's for the very long awaited Japanese take aways and Time Traveler's Wife dvd.

I had the teriyaki chicken bento which was only about $12, so pretty good value. I also had edamame but they didn't have salt on them, and there was no point putting salt on myself because I think Japanese salt tastes quite different, so New Zealand salt just wouldn't be the same. Anyway, the actual bento was great - it had the rice and chicken, some maki sushi, some rice with noritama furikake, tempura vegetables on salad and gyoza with some salad with what I am pretty sure was goma (sesame seed) salad dressing. Ange had chicken katsu don and Pat had ginger chicken udon. Both looked good. I have kept the boxes from mine and Pat's (Ange's was just a normal plastic container) so I can use them for my own bento!

The actual movie was ok. Not as good as the book but worth seeing, but wouldn't be my favourite (bit hard to beat Bridget Jones really).

We also did Earth Hour before the movie. The first half an hour we talked about what we'll do when we go to Japan (just three months to go!!!!!) but me and Pat only lasted half an hour before we started tweeting. Pat also taught me a new word but I don't want to lower the tone of my blog so you need to check my twitter if you want to find out what it is.

Japanese Kitchen is here.

Today I helpd Sarah, who was down from Auckland, to ice a cake for her antenatal group's first birthday party (they just moved to Auckland, so the group is down here). She made a delicious banana cake (I think she used the Edmond's cookbook one) and was going to ice it with just a simple icing sugar and water icing but I told her that she needed a butter cream or you'd be able to see where she had cut the bits and put it together to make a number one shape. We used the Magnolia Bakery buttercream icing which I always use for my cup cakes and it turned out great.

Then I went and bought two pairs of jeans, two tops and a pair of shoes in like half an hour and then ran to meet Keisuke for our language exchange. He had some tuna mayo sushi left over (he works at St Pierre's) and I was very lucky because he gave it to me because he knows it's my favourite, so that was dinner sorted!

I'm off to Christchurch on Tuesday and the plan is to finish painting the inside of my house over the Easter long weekend next weekend, so not sure if I'm going to get to make any bento for a bit.


  1. I LOVE Bridget Jones. Even if I always spell her name wrong. haha.
    I got a bunch of new bento things from jlist- but I have been too busy to use them! I am hoping to get back into it over the weekend. ^_^

  2. Me too! I could watch it and read it over and over!
    Oh cool!! I really want to buy some more but it's only three months until I go to Japan so I'll be able to get heaps then, plus work has been busy lately so I haven't had much time as well.