Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My entry for the most rubbish bento in the world competition

I was really excited because my magic four square bento box arrived yesterday (it may have been the day before but I was lucky enough to go to Palmerston North and Dannevirke so I didn't get the mail until last night). Anyway, I was all really excited, especially because I got heaps of bento stuff last week when I went to Christchurch so had lots to use.

I have no idea how this bento turned out so rubbish then - I even have Hello Kitty pasta now but somehow this bento managed to only attract all the rubbish stuff. By the end of the last square I was so annoyed with it that I just chucked in the miso soup sachet. I'm not even sure if I am going to eat it.

Anyway, in the top left is a gem squash which I had never heard of before but I saw at Foodtown. It said to cook it in the microwave for two minutes. No idea what it will taste like but the texture was like vermicelli or something when I took the seeds out. Sitting in the squash is my first ever attempt at tamagoyaki which I rolled from the side rather than the end which made them all thin and also rubbish.

Bottom left is a salad with a lite laughing cow cheese and balsamic vinegar in the penguin. Then next to that is my rice.

Today was my first ever nori punch bento. This didn't let me down and is also rubbish - I did think that the nori might wilt a little but I was excited about using them so stuck them on anyway, and then of course after about a minute they wilted because I had just defrosted the rice in the microwave.

I am not going to get all upset about this being such a rubbish bento because I still managed to keep it within five weight watchers points (which to be fair to myself is probably half the reason it was so rubbish) and because one day if there is a competition for most rubbish bento in the world, I may have a good chance at winning.

One other thing I didn't realise was how big the magic four square boxes are - they are 250mls where as my other "self-made" four square box (at previous post) is only 125mls.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in town so don't have to take lunch to work, and if I had this bento I would have to come home and eat it before I went to work because I wouldn't be able to put it in a fridge - I think I might just get sushi instead of attempting to eat this! I might have the rice and miso for breakfast though.

On the plus side I have to have dinner at work tomorrow because I have a 7pm meeting and it isn't worth me coming home and then going back to work. I have made spaghetti bolognaise to take, and that looks really good.

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