Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Very quick bento...

Tomorrow's bento was what I planned on making for dinner tonight but when I got home from the gym I was too tired to cook so just made a sandwich and made this later on.

Even though I had to cook this bento it still took no time at all. The two left hand side boxes are diced beef with courgette, mushroom and red capsicum, stir fried in some teriyaki sauce and then I decided to throw on some of the yaki soba sauce I got at Kobe ya in Christchurch at last week. So that probably took 5 minutes tops. I didn't really want to have the same thing in two boxes but it is only 100grams of beef so I figured might as well have it all.

While that was cooking I put together the salad and then took the rice out of the freezer and put it on top of the parsley. The rice is actually still frozen - when I made my last bento I made a few extra shaped rice stars and bears and put them in freezer bags so I can just take them out as I need them rather than having to shape them all the time. The rice has furikake that Yaeko brought me from Japan on top.

On top of the stir fry (which I'll heat up at work because the boxes come out) is cut out takuan using the cutters that Sarah got me for my birthday but I hadn't used yet. Can't wait to get some more nori punches so I can make better faces, but I think the eyes are quite cute anyway.

The bottom right box has salad with some fresh pineapple on top. I had planned to have one box of just the pineapple but there wasn't enough for a whole box so I ate the big bits and put the small bits on the salad.

I'm really looking forward to my Japan trip (nine weeks this Friday!!!) because I think this bento would look better in a round box where I could maybe group the colours better - I feel like it is a whole mix of red, yellow and and green whereas in a round box I'd be able to arrange it better - so, lots of bento buying when I go!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

More gyoza

Although I've used character picks and baran before, this is the first time I've actually made something out of the food in my bento, so this is my first real kyaraben. But I just realised the eyes are lopsided!

Tomorrow's bento is rice in the top box (with luncheon to make the star and mouth) and fresh pineapple which I thought would be great but was too big so I had to chop it up! I might use my magic four square bento tomorrow because it will fit better in there.

The bottom box has cherry tomato, gyoza and a couple of mini hundreds and thousands biscuits.

Sorry for the boring background to the photo too - I painted the other half of the skirting boards in my bedroom and the doors (four!) today, so I had to take this photo on the couch because I was worried about getting paint on my yukata if I got it out of my wardrobe to use as a background.

I made extra gyoza (but didn't cook them) and put them on a plate in the freezer so I could freeze them before putting them in freezer bags, but I just went to put them into freezer bags and they have frozen to the plate! I've got them out on the kitchen table so hopefully they will soften up a little so I can get them off!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This morning I went to the duck race we sponsored at work. On the way back I was trying to work out if I'd be able to get much painting done before my Japanese lesson this afternoon and decided I wouldn't, but that I would have time to make a bento. I figured just because it's a Sunday didn't mean I couldn't make one.

I also was really keen to try making gyoza because during the week my bento cook book that Susan wrote arrived which I was very excited about, and I still had lots of stuff to try from the bag of bento goodies that Yaeko brought me over from Japan last month.

This is a pic of the race. Our duck didn't do very well. When I left he was kind of caught up near the trees and not going far. His hair is the yarn we make at work though!

Anyway, back to the bento! Today's bento is gyoza in the top left, rice with some kind mix through furikake that the only bit I can read is where it says wakame (わかめ). Then there is teriyaki prawns, another gyoza and kiwifruit which was so hard it was like eating an apple. Bottom bento is edamame, rice, potato salad and takuan. The gyoza were so yum!

This week I am off to Dannevirke tomorrow for work for the night then Christchurch on Thursday for work for the night. I've got a rental car so hopefully will be able to stop at the Japanese supermarket there. That's where I got the molds for the rice in this bento, so hopefully will be able to get some good stuff.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Playing tourist at home...

Today is Easter Monday here so another day off work, so I went to the Pompeii exhibition at Te Papa with Lara and Sarah.

The idea initially was to go to the exhibition between coats of painting my house but I did one top coat and then thought a boozy lunch was a good idea because it's something we always say we will do but never do. We went to Leuven (which possibly has the best chips in Wellington) and then got gelato from cafe eis at the waterfront, then went to Te Papa where we met Lara. The exhibition was really good - if you go make sure you see the short movie they have before going around.

Just before we left Te Papa Sarah was interviewed for Morning Report (on the radio) about Australia wanting Phar Lap's skeleton back for the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Cup. Weird.
I got the cable car down so I could drink - depsite living in Wellington most of my life I never get tired of riding it!

My work is on the other side of the harbour, to the left of the island (above the cranes).

My gelato

Sarah's gelato

VERY nice Wellington autumn day!

Te Papa is the museum on the right.