Sunday, April 18, 2010


This morning I went to the duck race we sponsored at work. On the way back I was trying to work out if I'd be able to get much painting done before my Japanese lesson this afternoon and decided I wouldn't, but that I would have time to make a bento. I figured just because it's a Sunday didn't mean I couldn't make one.

I also was really keen to try making gyoza because during the week my bento cook book that Susan wrote arrived which I was very excited about, and I still had lots of stuff to try from the bag of bento goodies that Yaeko brought me over from Japan last month.

This is a pic of the race. Our duck didn't do very well. When I left he was kind of caught up near the trees and not going far. His hair is the yarn we make at work though!

Anyway, back to the bento! Today's bento is gyoza in the top left, rice with some kind mix through furikake that the only bit I can read is where it says wakame (わかめ). Then there is teriyaki prawns, another gyoza and kiwifruit which was so hard it was like eating an apple. Bottom bento is edamame, rice, potato salad and takuan. The gyoza were so yum!

This week I am off to Dannevirke tomorrow for work for the night then Christchurch on Thursday for work for the night. I've got a rental car so hopefully will be able to stop at the Japanese supermarket there. That's where I got the molds for the rice in this bento, so hopefully will be able to get some good stuff.


  1. Yay I love it!!! Gorgeous bento and thanks so much for the mention! :D

  2. Thanks Susan! They were so yum! I got all excited and didn't read through the whole recipe before and I turned them over when I put the water in, which then made them stick to the bottom, so next time I know to do that only when the water has steamed off! I had intended to make another bento tomorrow but the gyoza were so yum I ate the other three too, so will be sandwich for lunch tomorrow now!

  3. Beautiful bento! I have to find out how to get Susan's book. Mother's Day is coming up.
    Everything looks so good.

  4. Looks pretty Nic. Are the gyoza steamed rather than panfried then steamed? We have only made the latter.


  5. Thanks Lyndsey - you can get the book from Amazon - if you look above where it says "bento cook book" in green and click on that, it will take you to the Amazon page. It's a great book!!

    Thank's too Ange - I pan fried them on one side until golden then you add water until it evaporates, then turn them over and sort of brown the other side (so mostly steamed but also browned). Sooo yum!