Sunday, April 25, 2010

More gyoza

Although I've used character picks and baran before, this is the first time I've actually made something out of the food in my bento, so this is my first real kyaraben. But I just realised the eyes are lopsided!

Tomorrow's bento is rice in the top box (with luncheon to make the star and mouth) and fresh pineapple which I thought would be great but was too big so I had to chop it up! I might use my magic four square bento tomorrow because it will fit better in there.

The bottom box has cherry tomato, gyoza and a couple of mini hundreds and thousands biscuits.

Sorry for the boring background to the photo too - I painted the other half of the skirting boards in my bedroom and the doors (four!) today, so I had to take this photo on the couch because I was worried about getting paint on my yukata if I got it out of my wardrobe to use as a background.

I made extra gyoza (but didn't cook them) and put them on a plate in the freezer so I could freeze them before putting them in freezer bags, but I just went to put them into freezer bags and they have frozen to the plate! I've got them out on the kitchen table so hopefully they will soften up a little so I can get them off!


  1. Very cute indeed. I wish I could reach in and taste it. Oh and the eyes on the bear look fine.

  2. Thanks Marisa, it was very delicious! I had a thought at about 1am that maybe the biscuits would go soft in the fridge, but they were fine. But I do need to work out how to keep the rice cool enough not to get food poisoning, but not so cool it goes hard.