Monday, April 5, 2010

Playing tourist at home...

Today is Easter Monday here so another day off work, so I went to the Pompeii exhibition at Te Papa with Lara and Sarah.

The idea initially was to go to the exhibition between coats of painting my house but I did one top coat and then thought a boozy lunch was a good idea because it's something we always say we will do but never do. We went to Leuven (which possibly has the best chips in Wellington) and then got gelato from cafe eis at the waterfront, then went to Te Papa where we met Lara. The exhibition was really good - if you go make sure you see the short movie they have before going around.

Just before we left Te Papa Sarah was interviewed for Morning Report (on the radio) about Australia wanting Phar Lap's skeleton back for the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Cup. Weird.
I got the cable car down so I could drink - depsite living in Wellington most of my life I never get tired of riding it!

My work is on the other side of the harbour, to the left of the island (above the cranes).

My gelato

Sarah's gelato

VERY nice Wellington autumn day!

Te Papa is the museum on the right.


  1. What a beautiful day, the photos of the water are gorgeous! How was the exhibit? I read about it in the paper over here in Aus and was disappointed when I saw where it was. :)

  2. Yeah it was such a nice day - when I left home I had to go back in for my sunglasses, was very pleased I wore a polo shirt and not a long sleeved top, was so warm!
    It was really good! They had so much stuff and even though I did classics at school and varsity there still general stuff about the romans that I didnt know before. I just googled and it is going to Perth then Sinagpore, so I guess neither are next to you :(

  3. Wow such a beautiful day to be out. I would have done the same thing. It is so beautiful there. It's funny hearing you talk about going into the fall because we are going into the sping now. The exihibit must have been really nice wish I could see it myself. I remember seeing a movie about Phar Lap years ago it was very interesting. Hope you can have more days like that before it gets to cold. Wow that sounded so weird. I guess I have to get used to it now that I have expanded my friends list globally.

  4. Sorry - I was away for work. We just had daylight savings end this weekend so it is suddenly much colder, although I'm still wearing a tshirt today, so not too bad! Haha, I know what you mean about the seasons, after living in the northern hemisphere twice I get confused every now and then about when what season is - cherry blossom time in both Japan and NZ often messes me up!