Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almost Friday...

I haven't made a bento for ages because I don't want them to look rubbish (I understand the irony here...) but I had chicken to use so thought I might as well have it for lunch.  I'm not really a salad person, however I think this is going to be quite nice. The feta is low fat! Who knew you could get low fat feta! It is only seven weight watchers points for the whole 200g block so I think I'm going to be using this a lot more. 

Anyway, in my new bento box from Japan is chicken which I baked then grilled at the end.  It has garlic salt, normal salt and pepper.  With it is red onion, lettuce ("spring mix' from New World) and some kiwi fruit.  

I went to Christchurch for work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was on the east side both times so didn't get any pics of the mountains.

Waiting to get up in the air...

Up in the air, but still "at" the airport!


Almost at the airport...

Can't wait for tomorrow - Friday drinks and sushi at Wasabi in Cuba Street.  My blackberry has been sent to Auckland to be replaced (yay new phone!!) so there won't be any (much...) drunk tweeting going on tomorrow night since I only have my normal phone and I am guessing it might cost a bit on that! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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  2. This bento reminds me of myself! It looks yummy. I like the new bento and the picks you used!

  3. I went to Christchurch with my high school orchestra group long ago! Eye-opening for sure :) cute bento!

  4. Oh wow, you made a Japanese lunch box? How cute!

  5. Hi everyone! Sorry for the such late reply!!
    Lyndsey - it is a bit boring colour wise but it was soooooooo yum. Like seriously delicious! and it filled me up for ages which was good - I guess coz so much protein. I got the picks from a hundred yen shop in Harajuku, so they are v cool haha.
    Sheri - Christchurch is starting to grow on me, but I like Wellington because everything is so close and it has more of a city feel (I am slightly biased haha). Did you come here too or just Christchurch?
    Summer - thanks, the idea was that this is meant to be a blog of just bentos but I haven't had much time so starting adding non-bento stuff. I got this box on my latest trip and the chopsticks at Narita airport!