Sunday, August 1, 2010

I went to Japan and did a little shopping...

So as promised, here is what I bought.  This doesn't includes clothes, although I didn't buy much (a skirt from H&M, a tshirt from Murphys, a really cool tshirt that is like the train station sign thing for Harajuku (Jlist have towels like it), a number one tshirt (一番) and Air New Zealand gave me two tshirts (one was meant to be for my Dad but it's too small. Score for me though!); also got a bit of kitchen stuff from the hundred yen shop too.

So sort of going clockwise from the first photo - in the middle top is microwave steamer.  These are AMAZING! I got it at Tokyu Hands but was a bit confused because there were heaps of different ones for different vegetables but they seemed to be the same so I asked the girl at the counter if you could do other things in them and she said yes.  So I said then they are just really the same, not that you can only do edamame in the one with the edamame pic and potatoes in the one with the potato pic and she kind of laughed and said yup, that actually you could. Now that I have just written that it was much funnier at the time.

Anyway, then there are some gel ring things to keep bentos cool, then silicone heart shaped cups, nori face punchers (how heavy are they though!!), a gyoza maker (not that I need it, but it was on sale at three minute happiness for 50 yen!), picks, more silicone cups, chopstick container, picks to stick into food to make like balloon cherry tomatoes and stuff, a sandwiches, more pics, a bento (from 100 yen shop), some baran. In the middle are star cutters, sauce cups and bottles.

I got the Care Bear set at the airport at Sony Plaza when I was leaving, although now it is just Plaza (the huge one in Osaka is now a Zara store too!!!!).  I couldn't resist the Very Hungry Caterpillar one!

My friend Yaeko got me this Cath Kidston Kids box for me as a gift.  It also came with a book, which also has bento ideas in it (and the other normal Cath Kidston crafty stuff too).  I couldn't find a Cath Kidston shop while in Japan so was so grateful to her for this (and for remembering I loved her stuff!).

I got this set at Loft.  I didn't really need it but I couldn't resist all the cute writing! They're quite good shapes though - the small one fits well into the big one as a sauce or okazu container.

I got quite a few antibacterial sheets to put on top of my lunches, some picks, chopsticks, panda bread cutter.  I love this play on words - "pan" is bread, and "da" is the plain form for "is/am/are" so "pan da" means "it's/I'm bread". Which it is!  It cuts off the crusts and seals in the filling!  Like magic!  I also got some of the microwave crisper sheet things to try too - basically it cooks stuff in the microwave like it had been done under a grill.  Again, Jlist have these too.

And finally, these aren't bento related but I was really into nail art when I lived in Japan so I couldn't resist buying more.  I was stoked to see that graduation nails are still popular (where the colour graduates from one into another).  The coolest thing was that Loft now sell these nail cocktail sets like the top left where they give you three colours and a guide on the back of what order and where to do them!  Today I have on the pale pink down the bottom right.


  1. Looks awesome! When are we getting our Bento lunches?

    I'll hold off on the nail painting though if you don't mind!

  2. Thank you!!! I'll post one soon!
    Oh - I had picked out a lovely colour for you too! Maybe start with just a french manicure first...