Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day One

Ok, so day one is a recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts.

This is one of the most recent photos I have of me.  It is at Kinkaku Ji in Kyoto two months ago.  I chose it because I like my hair in this pic and because over the years I have had heaps of photos in this same spot.

15 interesting things about me

1. I am addicted to McDonalds soft serve ice creams.
2. I can hold my arm out and twist my wrist without moving my elbow.
3. I can speak Japanese
4. I almost studied German instead of Japanese.  My life would be pretty different if I had.
5. My middle name is Mary.  It makes up for having such long first and last names.
6. I think collections are often tacky but I have a Hard Rock Cafe shot glass collection (I'm aware of the irony).
7. I had porridge for dinner tonight.
8. I've had two convertible cars and after having both for about six months, moved overseas.
9. My first car was a mini.  It lasted two months.
10. I went to Malaysia for a holiday mostly just because I like Satay Village on Ghuznee Street.
11. When I was at university I worked on a make up counter.
12. It is my half birthday in two days.
13. I am quite accident prone, but never was at all until I was about 22.
14. I sometimes wake up trying to find the door out of my bedroom.
15. I once woke up in the shower.

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