Monday, September 20, 2010

Cooking class - chicken saag and samosas

Tonight Sarah and I went to cooking class.  It's the one by Harvey Norman on Tory St and we go probably once a month or every couple of months.  Tonight we made chicken saag, which I'd never had before, and samosas.

Sorry about the photos - I took them on my phone.

One of the best things about the class is they do a lot of the prep for you, which saves heaps of time.  This is before we started we everything set out.  On the plates is cooked potato and mixed vegetables for the samosas.

We started off by cooking a bay leaf and mustard seeds in oil, then adding onion, ginger and garlic.

Then added tomato and cooked it a bit, then pureed spinach and cooked a bit more, and then chicken which simmered until cooked in the sauce.

While the chicken was cooking we made the samosas.  We started off by cooking the vegetables with some spices.  We used spring roll skins for the outside! This pic is folding over one side and putting on a glue of flour and water.  Then you pull over the other side to make a cone, and put the filling in, then fold down the top and secure with more glue.

The samosas then were pan fried in a tiny bit of oil, but you can also spray with cooking spray and bake.

The finished saag.  Soooooo yum.  I wasn't expecting to like this but I think it is my new favourite!!

The finished samosas.  Again, wasn't sure what they would be like, especially in spring roll skins, but they were sooooo good.  I think these would be great as a bento filler! Like gyoza you can prepare them but not cook them, then freeze them.  To cook from frozen just cook in the pan or oven like normal, on a low heat.  Don't defrost or they'll go sort of sticky and doughy.


  1. I can see you have a lot of fun at the cooking class. Somosa will be great option to put in the bento :)

  2. Hi Lia! Yup, it was great fun. It's like a better version of going out for dinner in some ways because you get a great meal and get to learn something!

  3. Wow the samosas look fantastic!!! Wish I could try one from here! :)

  4. Hi Susan!! Great to see you back on line! They were just so delicious and easy to make. I've never used the spring roll skins before but I def will from now on!