Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 02- The meaning behind your blog name

My blog is meant to be about my bentos, although I haven't made many lately so it's sort of an anything I want to write about blog.
MECHA means "very" in Osaka dialect.  You use it when you'd say very/so in English.  I used to live in Osaka so I kind of like having a reminder of that in my blog.

It used to be that if you heard someone say mecha, you'd be pretty sure they were from around Osaka.  Nowadays it is kind of a cool word to use, so it's more likely that they are just a young person from anywhere in Japan. 

GENKI is a bit harder to explain because it is one of those words that you can't translate directly. 

You can use it: 
  • To ask/describe how someone is.  For example, when you ask someone if they are well in Japanese, "genki" is the word for "well". 
  • If someone is a friendly/outgoing/happy/energetic type of person, you'd describe them as genki.
I think genki is one of those words that tells a lot about Japan as a country.  It is used heaps in Japan whereas in New Zealand we don't have an equivalent word, or even seem to use similar words much at all. 

To ask how someone is in a casual way, just ask "genki?".

BENTO are Japanese lunches in a box.  The actual box the lunch is in is called a bento bako. 

If you look through my blog you'll get an idea of what they look like. 

You can buy bentos at lots of places in Wellington now too - they usually come in a quite flat plastic black boxes sectioned off for different things, with a clear lid so you can see what you are choosing.

So, my blog name sort of means "very happy lunches in a box" or something along those lines.

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