Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

This one was a bit hard in a way because I don't really have a favourite super hero.  But when I thought about it, I thought of this one right away.


He isn't a typical super hero because he's a fat robotic cat, but he is - basically his purpose is to save a kid from having his life turn out bad and he uses the stuff in his special magic pocket to do this. 

There's all sorts of things in his special pocket, like an anywhere door, that he pulls out and can go anywhere.  It would be very handy.

If I had to pick another super hero I'd go for MacGuyver.   I don't think he even needs much of an explanation - seriously, is there anything he can't do!?! 

When I lived in Japan it used to be on cable a million times a week so I developed a bit of a soft spot for him - I even used to have the theme song as my ring tone.  


  1. Hi! Both of Doraemon and MacGyver, I know them very well.

  2. In some ways Doraemon is a little like a Japanese MacGyver, how he can sort of come up with anything!

  3. i always want anywhere-door. i wish i could just open the door and be home in Japan..... dream dream dream...

  4. I understand the feeling! I was really missing Japan until I had my trip this year. I didn't miss NZ too much when I lived in Japan tho haha, although I did when I lived in London.