Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Hmm.  This one is a bit hard! I guess lots of people/things have influenced me over the years.  There is no particular order to this!

Ros, who I used to work with (I don't have a scanned photo of her so you have to imagine what she looks like!) - got me going to Les Mills.  This totally changed my life!

My Dad (left) and his cousin Paul (below)

Dad for calling Paul when I was in form two and trying to decide whether to do Japanese or German at college, and Paul for saying Japanese was good and he used it as a lawyer (which is what I wanted to be when I was in form two, that or a journalist).  

I've stolen their work photos that I found by google image searching them so they are a bit small.

Also, my Dad has had a big influence on me for liking aviation stuff too. 

My Nana, even though she died when I was 13 she was around long enough to show me that you could do stuff by yourself and didn't need to rely on other people.  If things were broken she'd fix them, she used to mow her lawns in her late 70s, travelled overseas by herself (and even got suspected as a drug dealer!).  She also taught me how to do hospital corners on my bed to and how to make butter.

My parents too because if they hadn't paid for my trip to Japan in 6th form my life might have turned out quite different!  This is my Mum since Dad is already above! and also just in general they have had a huge influence on me because of the experiences I've had and things we did when I was younger, which have made me the person I am.

My old flatmate Lisa for telling me what industrial relations was and what classes I could take in it at varsity.  Not sure what kind of degree I'd have ended up with if she hadn't!

I can't forget Japan too!  Japan has had a huge influence on my life!

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