Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

Ok, since everyone else put lots of pics for the last one, so am I!

Here's some of my favourites. I know they are all quite recent, but these are the pics I have on my laptop.

Sarah, Hayley and Me.  Christmas holidays 07/08

Amy and me at work at Nova 03 or 04 - check out the fake grass!!! and picnic tables.  The 15th floor view of Osaka made up for it though.

Kimie, my old flatmate in Osaka, and me

Ange and me in Beijing 2006

At Glenorchy on our way to Paradise (actual place!) day before New Years Eve 04 I think

Beer place in Umeda with Kristian, John and Salib, my friends from church, July '10

Paul, me, Craig and Chris - friends from Japan in London - July '08 - I met up with Craig in Osaka exactly two years exactly later!

Tri-nations game (against South Africa) at the Speights bar in London '08 - Hayley, me, Moun, Sam, random guy from Tauranga

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