Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 25- What I would find in your bag

Very Heat magazine-esque post today!

I used two bags yesterday so I'm including both of them.

The first one is my bag I take to work.  It doesn't actually have a weird thing on the handle - the bit in the middle at the top usually sits down the bottom but it must have moved when I took the photo!

I really like this bag - I bought it at the Marui in Shinjuku the day before I came home from my July trip.  It can fit A4 documents and has a zip, so is great for work. 

Inside the bag is: (sort of from the top down) notebook for work, umbrella, my Le'Esscience relaxation spritz, visitor's pass for when I went to our Christchurch factory, two boarding passes, recipe for the chicken saag we made at cooking class the week before last, ear plugs for work, tiny piece of paper with the log on for internet at the Koru Lounge, voucher for Shoe Clinic, hand cream, not actual Berocca but like Berocca vitamin things, post it notes, lip gloss, disprin, drink bottle lid, paper wrap thing from around a McDonalds ice cream, keys for work, lots of pens, more lip gloss (I hardly ever even wear lip gloss!), Purell.  I would usually also have make up (but it was in the other bag below) and my cell phones.

My other bag I took out last night.  Just realised it's a bit of an international bag because the only thing in it from NZ is the chocolate wrapper! 

The bag is from Osaka.  I got it from a sort of bag wholesaler place in Honmachi, from the street one over to east from Shinsaibashi suji (the big long covered shopping arcade). 

Inside the bag is my make up bag my Mum got me from the States, my wallet (from Benetton in Japan so maybe I can count it as two countries?), my hair brush from London, a couple of mints from Japan that fell out (I can't remember the brand but they are the ones in the little white sliding case thing, probably not the best for a handbag - now I've found them they are going in the bin!).  Wrapper for Whittaker's chocolate that I got Friday night last week while in town.  Here is a photo of it before it was eaten (I have a tendency to tweet random photos after a couple of drinks).  When I went out I also had my cell phones and my house key, but otherwise a LOT less stuff than in the other bag!!

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