Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

No major reason - just a couple of other girls on twitter started their own 30 days of me so I thought I might as well since I don't consistently blog.   There was probably about five seconds of thought that went into it!

It hasn't been life changing or anything but it's been fun to read other people's 30 days blogging as we have been going through.

It has made me realise that I don't have enough photos of my friends and me so that's something to work on!

Totally off topic, but I'm v happy about this . 

I got new shoes two weeks ago from Shoe Clinic and the guy asked if I was training for anything.  I said I was going to do the 10k at the Auckland Marathon at the end of this month but was only running 15 minutes at a time at the moment (I sprained my ankle).  The guy at Shoe Clinic said I wouldn't be ready for the 10k .  I said I was sure I would be because I ran 9k in Osaka two months earlier.  He was pretty doubtful and said not to push myself.  Then I started getting a bit worried because surely he knows about running. 

Monday I was up to 30 minutes running, Tuesday was RPM, but after Tuesday I didn't do any exercise because I've had a cold.  Until today. When I ran for an hour!

I map my runned it (am guessing you can turn a website into a verb...) and I did 9.25ks.  Yay!  I knew he was wrong!!! and, I still have a cold so provided I don't get another cold at the end of the month I think it's pretty safe to say the 10k isn't going to be a problem!

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