Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kilbirnie morning out

It's been ages since I've blogged so when I went shopping in Kilbirnie this morning I thought it'd be a good opportunity to get back to blogging!

So far the weekend's been great and it's only lunch time, so hopefully that bodes well for the rest of the weekend!

This morning I had a massage with Gillian of Le'Esscience, then on the way home I thought I'd stop off in Kilbirnie and try to find the Japanese shop I'd heard about.  

I parked near the Silky Oak Chocolate Company shop.  The only other time I've been was to the Napier one because it was a stop for Harvest Hawkes Bay so I thought I'd check it out (plus I figured I've done enough running lately to justify having some!). 

So glad I did because it turned out to be baking and bento heaven!  They had heaps of cookie cutters but I managed to resist buying anymore.  They had some great little tiny ones that would be great for details, so might have to go back.  They also had heaps of cup cake stuff and the little sugar decoration things for on top of cup cakes.  When I checked the website it said they actually have a shop in Lower Hutt, so I guess I know where I might be heading at lunchtimes!

This is the chocolate I got - it's a cappuccino cup I think. V yum and it made me wish I had chocolate covered coffee beans! 

Then I walked up and down the main street for ages trying to find the Japanese shop.  I googled it on my phone but that wasn't much help and eventually found it after asking in a shop.

This is the alleyway you go down to get there.

This is the shop. 

I first heard about it in one of my Mum's Home and Garden type magazines and I sort of expected it to be like that shop on Thorndon Quay that had heaps of old Asian furniture.  It was more like a second hand shop (which it is, so I guess that makes sense for it to look like one).  There was heaps of kimono, and kimono stuff and lots of plates.  There was one chest of drawers that was 1920s from Gifu which was pretty cool but nothing I really felt the need to buy which was a little disappointing since I was in the mood to buy something. 

Two short weeks in a row now because it's a holiday here on Monday and then next week I'm off to Auckland and don't get back until the Monday.  So far the rest of the day is looking good - I'm having a facial this afternoon and then dvds with Sarah and Jo tonight.  Not sure about Sunday or Monday apart from a run on Monday so far.  I'll be sure to take lots of photos from Auckland to blog about next week!


  1. That chocolate drink looks fantastic!

  2. Hi Sheri! Thanks, but it is a chocolate - if you look at the sunglasses and the keys in the background it will give you on idea of the size - soooo yum though!