Monday, October 25, 2010

Twitter food party - pasta or noodles

Yay!  My first twitter food party!  I just went to load on my photos and couldn't get the memory card out of the camera! BECAUSE THERE WAS NO MEMORY CARD!!!!  Agh!  This whole extra day off (Labour Day here today) had thrown me - I even forgot to watch Shortland Street!!!! 

After sitting stressing for about five seconds I remembered I had some kind of USB thing in my cutlery drawer so I tried plugging it in and it transferred over my photos!  Yay!

This is my first twitter food party.  The idea is that everyone blogs about their food for the twitter food party.  I will update this when everyone else blogs, but so far Deborah has made this fantastic bento. 

The theme for this twitter food party was pasta or noodles so I decided to make a creamy tomato pasta.  This is similar to a recipe I have made before but I've used Philadelphia cream cheese this time because the light one was heaps lower ww points than the light Tararaua one.  This recipe is one I got an idea from Marisa's pasta dish.

I just sort of made this up as I went.  I actually made this yesterday and used half the pot of the cream cheese but it was a little too creamy so today I used just a quarter of it but it wasn't quite creamy enough.  Next time I will use a third of the pot and it should be spot on!

Half an onion
One capsicum
About one large, or, one and a half normal size courgettes
Couple of hand fulls of green beans
A sachet of tomato paste (50grams)
Cream cheese - I used about 50grams (half a tub) but next time I'll use a third - about 75grams
125 grams of pasta
Two chicken breasts (mine were about 260 grams together)

I sauteed the onions in a little water and then added the chicken and cooked that.  Just before I put in the chicken I put the pasta on (I think, can't really remember).

Once the chicken was cooked I added in the other vegetables

then once they were cooked I added the tomato paste and mixed that all in, and then the cream cheese.  I added in a little of the water from the pasta to help it mix in. 

Once the cream cheese was mixed in I turned the heat off and mixed in the cooked pasta and then it was all ready to plate up and eat!

Updated - new twitter food party posts:
Mils made a halloween bento
Shirley made this pasta dish
Rachael made tori tantanmen
Maki made tororo soba
Kathleen made pasta
Heather made pasta patties!
Debra made cake noodles
Karaimame made ramen
SonomaBento made a scary pasta bento
Kat made baked pasta
Sheri made won ton soup and bentoed the leftovers

Let me know if you have blogged for twitter food party and I haven't mentioned it yet, so I can link to it!


  1. Congrats om your first #twitterfoodparty! I had meant to join in this month too but a) I got the day wrong - thought it was on the last Friday of the month and b) I haven't figured out yet how you know what the theme is...

    I hope to be there next month!

  2. Thanks for the step by step instructions! Looks yum!

  3. Thanks everyone - was v v yum!!