Monday, November 22, 2010

Toast and muffins

This weekend I went to Toast Martinborough.  We've stayed in the same house for three years now which makes getting there and getting home much easier! Once again this year we saw no pluto pups :(

Vanessa made us vodka jellies for the Saturday but they didn't all survive the trip over the Rimutakas.

But we drank them anyway...

It rained so much that we had to put a tarp over our umbrellas.

At Te Kairanga

DJ outside Alana Estate

Best ever toilets!

The bracelets I got for Sarah and me.

I had today (Monday) off work because of Toast so I made apple and cinnamon muffins this afternoon.  This is the recipe I used, which has been adapted from this.  I only used two apples but I think there's enough (I just had a little bite of one, but it tasted fine).

Using the apple sauce halved the amount of oil I needed which is really good! I worked out that they are 10.4 Weight Watchers ProPoints - I'm guessing this rounds down to 10, but I'd count them as 11 since I sprinkled raw sugar on top.

This shows the apple sauce I used.

In the tin and the finished product!

On the subject of ProPoints, anyone else doing them? Apart from losing count on Saturday night (after the jelly shots...) and yesterday, it's been pretty successful.  I'm loving fruit being points free - if anything it's great to have one less thing to count! One thing I used to do on the other points system was get to a certain number of points and think I should still be hungry.  Now that so many things are different I haven't had that at all!

I'm away next weekend so hoping I can get through with the extra 49 weekly points and not go over!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot stuff!

There was enough left overs from dinner tonight for another meal so I decided to use up the chicken and vegetables I had in the fridge and mini quiches and a hot bento for Andrew's lunch for him to heat up at work. 

On the left are mini quiches with chicken, capsicum, tomato, mushroom and cranberry sauce in the bottom one.  I'm not sure how successful adding the cranberry was because the ones I added it to seem to not be as set, but I've got them in the still warm oven right now to firm up.   In the middle is are two kumara (sweet potato) croquettes and next to that two vegetable and potato croquettes.  On the right is left overs from dinner - satay noodles and vegetables and chicken.  In the sauce bottle is bbq sauce for the mini quiches and croquettes. 

Fingers crossed this all survives being heated up ok!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Amazing yum muffins and kind of bento

I wasn't going to blog this because I didn't think these would be that great, but they were so yum that I've decided cupcakes are so 2009 and muffins are the new cupcakes (plus they take so much less time).

Tonight I made orange chocolate chip muffins.  I used this recipe but changed it slightly.  I didn't add the poppy seeds and I used plain flour with two and a half teaspoons of baking powder instead of the self raising flour.  The recipe is for two and a half cups of flour so I used 1 3/4 of white and 3/4 of wholemeal flour.  I used probably just over half a big packet of Whittaker's orange chocolate and chopped it up and added it in too.  I didn't dust with icing sugar.

Just out of the oven finished product!

This is how many the recipe made.


Not quite a bento, but this is as close as I have gotten lately - Andrew's lunch - left overs from dinner and gyoza with gyoza no tare in the little bottle (yay Y100 shop!).  I put an elephant pick in his yoghurt and strawberries but then thought better and took it out...

Monday, November 8, 2010


The weekend before last Sarah, Lucinda, David and I went to Auckland for the marathon.  Sarah did the half, I did the quarter, David did the half and Lucinda did the full marathon!

Obviously I was quite excited to go on a mini break (much debate about what constitutes a mini break though) and as normal I took pictures of pretty much just planes and food.

Arriving at Auckland - cloudy but warm!

Lunch at Portofino's at the Viaduct. Not dodgy like the Queen's Wharf one though. 

Sarah's dinner after the marathon

My dinner after the run

Lucinda's dinner after her huge marathon effort!

View from the restaurant at dinner

Sky tower

Mt Egmont

Mum and Dad's house (very bottom right)