Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot stuff!

There was enough left overs from dinner tonight for another meal so I decided to use up the chicken and vegetables I had in the fridge and mini quiches and a hot bento for Andrew's lunch for him to heat up at work. 

On the left are mini quiches with chicken, capsicum, tomato, mushroom and cranberry sauce in the bottom one.  I'm not sure how successful adding the cranberry was because the ones I added it to seem to not be as set, but I've got them in the still warm oven right now to firm up.   In the middle is are two kumara (sweet potato) croquettes and next to that two vegetable and potato croquettes.  On the right is left overs from dinner - satay noodles and vegetables and chicken.  In the sauce bottle is bbq sauce for the mini quiches and croquettes. 

Fingers crossed this all survives being heated up ok!

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