Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My planter boxes

I've wanted a garden for ages - when I first bought my house I tried planting stuff but a cat kept digging it all up.  The cat seems to have since moved on, and long story I bought some plants and Andrew said he'd help me build a planter box for it.  I thought I could just knock it together like my coffee table, but now I'm (very, very, very) glad he offered to help as this box is going to be awesome!

What the garden currently looks like.  I want to boxes either side of the path, and then the lemon tree will go in a pot in the middle. 

I sat outside on my picnic blanket and twittered and facebooked and painted my nails while he worked.  I got a bit worried when the first aid kit came out but it was just because he had the router in it.

Starting to come together!

All the edges have been routered (?) so they all fit together nicely...

Like this

they'll be finished tomorrow!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Deep fried everything! and my new bbq

Yesterday we went to Andrew's flat and got his deep fryer because I got him panko and karaage chicken coating stuff for Christmas.  I'm hoping this may be the spur I need to get back into bentoing, although not quite sure how that will work with my plan to get back to my goal weight, so will have to see.

For lunch today he made fried prawns and gyoza.  I'd already made the gyoza ages ago, and for the prawns we did what Susan did in her first book (actually the gyoza are from the book too).

Prawns about to go in

Finished product

Soooo yum!

One of the Christmas presents that Andrew got me were electric salt and pepper grinders - with lights!!! I didn't even know they existed.  Very awesome - I tried to get a pic but it's a bit hard to see - you can kind of see how it looks like a bright shadow - it's much more realistic in real life.

Deep fried squid

Katsu curry!!!!

I bought a new bbq the week before last and we used it for the first time on Christmas Eve.  Very exciting! My last one went all rusty so I'm going to make sure the cover stays on this one any time it isn't being used!

First sausages being cooked!

Me eating the first sausage!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chocolate chip, blueberry and white chocolate muffins

I split the muffin mix tonight and made two types - one lot of dark chocolate and dark orange chocolate, and the other with blueberry and white chocolate.  Word on the street from the "hot out of the oven" test (actually the "they started breaking up as I took them out of the tray" test) is that the blueberry ones are the best. 

They cooked at different times - I guess because the frozen blueberries made those ones more wet or whatever.  Recipe is the same as the apple ones.

I was worried they were burning so put baking paper over the top.

Fresh out of the oven!

Agh! It fell apart so had to be eaten right away!

This one also started falling apart so I had to eat some of it. 

I put them back in the oven for a few minutes in the hope that might firm them up and now have them on the bench.  Am hoping they won't break up as I take them out otherwise I guess they will all need to be eaten with a spoon!

Anyone have any ideas to stop them breaking up?

In other news I bought a whole lot of plants from Kaye at Grow from Here at the top of Cuba Street yesterday - a lemon tree, tomatoes, melons, swan plant and maybe something else.  Next weekend Andrew is going to help me build a planter box thing for it so will blog that because it's probably the closest to a bento I've made in ages!