Monday, December 27, 2010

Deep fried everything! and my new bbq

Yesterday we went to Andrew's flat and got his deep fryer because I got him panko and karaage chicken coating stuff for Christmas.  I'm hoping this may be the spur I need to get back into bentoing, although not quite sure how that will work with my plan to get back to my goal weight, so will have to see.

For lunch today he made fried prawns and gyoza.  I'd already made the gyoza ages ago, and for the prawns we did what Susan did in her first book (actually the gyoza are from the book too).

Prawns about to go in

Finished product

Soooo yum!

One of the Christmas presents that Andrew got me were electric salt and pepper grinders - with lights!!! I didn't even know they existed.  Very awesome - I tried to get a pic but it's a bit hard to see - you can kind of see how it looks like a bright shadow - it's much more realistic in real life.

Deep fried squid

Katsu curry!!!!

I bought a new bbq the week before last and we used it for the first time on Christmas Eve.  Very exciting! My last one went all rusty so I'm going to make sure the cover stays on this one any time it isn't being used!

First sausages being cooked!

Me eating the first sausage!

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