Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My planter boxes

I've wanted a garden for ages - when I first bought my house I tried planting stuff but a cat kept digging it all up.  The cat seems to have since moved on, and long story I bought some plants and Andrew said he'd help me build a planter box for it.  I thought I could just knock it together like my coffee table, but now I'm (very, very, very) glad he offered to help as this box is going to be awesome!

What the garden currently looks like.  I want to boxes either side of the path, and then the lemon tree will go in a pot in the middle. 

I sat outside on my picnic blanket and twittered and facebooked and painted my nails while he worked.  I got a bit worried when the first aid kit came out but it was just because he had the router in it.

Starting to come together!

All the edges have been routered (?) so they all fit together nicely...

Like this

they'll be finished tomorrow!

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