Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Almost finished planter box!

Andrew finished my planter box last week so I put my plants in on the weekend.  I didn't get quite enough soil but there was no way I was getting more because the bags were so heavy.  I figured the plants sitting a bit low just means they will be protected from the wind.

Now all I have to do is stain it but I have no idea how to do that so have to wait until Andrew is back from Australia next week (hence me blogging such a boring post...). 

I'm not really sure if I did the pea straw bit right, but I'm sure it'll be ok. I'm so happy with it though - it looks exactly like the one I wanted!


  1. I'm totally in the mood for planting too! My dream is a yard filled with raised beds instead of grass, heh. It's a beautiful piece of carpentry; I love your planter! Can't wait to see your plants :)

  2. That's what I want too! Andrew built one of his friends a house and when he took me to show me my favourite bit was at the back where he has raised beds across almost the whole width of the property (although his friend actually made them!). He said he'd do the same for me (my backyard is tiny), but now I'm not so sure since it was so hard to get the soil up (only access to the back is through the house) so I might wait until my next house!