Monday, February 28, 2011

Wellington bento update

Just a small update - I bought some egg moulds (a heart and a star) on the weekend from the Japanese $3 shop in Cuba Mall.  They have quite a few bento things now including the same bento box I got at the Y100 shop in Umeda station in Osaka, little weener cutters so you can make octopus hot dogs and picks for bentos!

They have heaps of Japanese food now too - even ramune lollies and okonomiyaki mix. 

Anyone else know anywhere good in Wellington, or even NZ, for buying bento stuff?

I will post a pic as soon as I try the egg moulds.

Twitter food party and okonomiyaki

This month's twitter food party theme is cookies.  I made gingerbread men the Christmas before last and I may have once made ANZAC biscuits but the gingerbread men were burnt and I'm more just guessing I made ANZAC biscuits, so, I figure I've never really made cookies before. 

Except this one time... Mum and I made cookies when I was three our four (we lived in a house in New Plymouth for only a couple of months while our house was being built so I know pretty much how old I was!).  We used the recipe out of this huge big hard back Sesame Street book - if anyone had it and has the recipe then let me know!!!

Anyway, initially I thought I'd make chocolate chip cookies so used this Nestle toll house cookies recipe.  Then I started thinking a bit more about things and decided to make ANZAC biscuits and used this recipe.  The main reason that I decided to make them was because of the Christchurch earthquake as they are a NZ biscuit. 

Thank you to all my twitter and blogging friends that have asked how I am.  Although felt here, the earthquake was too far away to cause any damage.  I've thought during the week about if or what I'd blog about it.  I can't begin to imagine what it's like for those down there and I feel like whatever I write won't really convey how I feel about it.  It's made me so grateful for everything I have right now though. 

If you want to read about ANZAC biscuits you can read about them here.

I started off with the cookies and got everything out.

It was pretty easy - basically just got the dry stuff in one bowl, then in the other I did the wet stuff and then you have to beat in the eggs then mix both bowls together.  The use a tablespoon measuring spoon to get out balls and chuck them on a baking tray.

So now I know - cookies spread! I had to use a knife to gently push them apart...

They look ok though (please note -that is a paper towel roll, NOT toilet paper in the top left of the pic!).

I then got on to the ANZAC biscuits.  First I melted the butter and golden syrup in the microwave.

Then I realised it was almost dinner time and I really needed to get a move on...

I mixed together the dry ingredients.

 In my rush I managed to melt the spoon...

Then I popped them in the oven and didn't take a pic until the today of the finished product! The ANZAC biscuits look a big small because the cookies were huge, but even the ANZAC cookies are on the big side!  Andrew's verdict on both were they needed to be crunchier.  I guess since I chose the chewy recipes I can't take that as a bad thing.

As soon as I'd finished the cookies I got started on dinner - okonomiyaki.  Yuuuum.  (Andrew's verdict was "burh" (not sure how to spell that - he did eat it all however...).

I used packet mix and thankfully thanks to Kat and Shirley I realised I'd been a bit of an egg and forgotten the kanji for egg (the irony...).   I used the crepe pan my sister got me for Christmas to cook them. 

I cut each one in half so we could eat half each as we went.  Soooo yum! I got the wrong kind of ginger but still tasted good though!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Waiheke wedding and summer holiday

It's been ages since I've blogged! Actually, I have a new group blog, so have still been blogging, just not here!. 

We went away last weekend for Andrew's brother's wedding.  It was on Waiheke Island so we got to have a little bit of a holiday at the same time as going to the wedding. 

We went up on Wednesday and stayed in Palmerston North with Andrew's friend and his fiance, then drove up to Auckland on Thursday.  We got there just in time for the hen's party which was great. 

Friday we went to visit Sarah and Mitch and then went over to the island. 

Saturday I had time for a run in the morning before the wedding, which was in the afternoon.  The wedding was just fantastic - gorgeous view, such a sweet ceremony (I couldn't stop crying!), dancing and delicious food. 

Sunday we pretty much swam all day with Andrew's family and Adam and Jo's friends, then came home on Monday.  We stopped at Japan Mart at Sylvia Park so I could pick up more bento supplies!

Mt Ruapehu on the drive up.

Driving in to Auckland.

On our way from seeing Sarah and Mitch - Auckland city

Auckland from the ferry to Waiheke

Looking towards Auckland city from the wedding - totally beautiful! 

Andrew and me before the ceremony

Andrew and me during dinner.

A pic of the island while we waited for the ferry back to Auckland.

Just a random shot of the cable car in Wellington