Monday, February 28, 2011

Twitter food party and okonomiyaki

This month's twitter food party theme is cookies.  I made gingerbread men the Christmas before last and I may have once made ANZAC biscuits but the gingerbread men were burnt and I'm more just guessing I made ANZAC biscuits, so, I figure I've never really made cookies before. 

Except this one time... Mum and I made cookies when I was three our four (we lived in a house in New Plymouth for only a couple of months while our house was being built so I know pretty much how old I was!).  We used the recipe out of this huge big hard back Sesame Street book - if anyone had it and has the recipe then let me know!!!

Anyway, initially I thought I'd make chocolate chip cookies so used this Nestle toll house cookies recipe.  Then I started thinking a bit more about things and decided to make ANZAC biscuits and used this recipe.  The main reason that I decided to make them was because of the Christchurch earthquake as they are a NZ biscuit. 

Thank you to all my twitter and blogging friends that have asked how I am.  Although felt here, the earthquake was too far away to cause any damage.  I've thought during the week about if or what I'd blog about it.  I can't begin to imagine what it's like for those down there and I feel like whatever I write won't really convey how I feel about it.  It's made me so grateful for everything I have right now though. 

If you want to read about ANZAC biscuits you can read about them here.

I started off with the cookies and got everything out.

It was pretty easy - basically just got the dry stuff in one bowl, then in the other I did the wet stuff and then you have to beat in the eggs then mix both bowls together.  The use a tablespoon measuring spoon to get out balls and chuck them on a baking tray.

So now I know - cookies spread! I had to use a knife to gently push them apart...

They look ok though (please note -that is a paper towel roll, NOT toilet paper in the top left of the pic!).

I then got on to the ANZAC biscuits.  First I melted the butter and golden syrup in the microwave.

Then I realised it was almost dinner time and I really needed to get a move on...

I mixed together the dry ingredients.

 In my rush I managed to melt the spoon...

Then I popped them in the oven and didn't take a pic until the today of the finished product! The ANZAC biscuits look a big small because the cookies were huge, but even the ANZAC cookies are on the big side!  Andrew's verdict on both were they needed to be crunchier.  I guess since I chose the chewy recipes I can't take that as a bad thing.

As soon as I'd finished the cookies I got started on dinner - okonomiyaki.  Yuuuum.  (Andrew's verdict was "burh" (not sure how to spell that - he did eat it all however...).

I used packet mix and thankfully thanks to Kat and Shirley I realised I'd been a bit of an egg and forgotten the kanji for egg (the irony...).   I used the crepe pan my sister got me for Christmas to cook them. 

I cut each one in half so we could eat half each as we went.  Soooo yum! I got the wrong kind of ginger but still tasted good though!!

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  1. both the cookies and okonomiyaki looks good! thanks for the shout out :)