Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stripy room


After - all we have done so far is take off the stuff that was on the windows. 

Bathroom, laundry, office, hall

The hall before with heaps of stuff

And a blank canvas for work in progress. Plan is to bring forward the door to it's original spot and replace the window with lead light

 The fish toilet seat went on the first day we moved in...

Walls are the same colour but just look darker.  Thinking of making this smaller to make the bathroom bigger.

Bathroom before with lots of shelves and stuff.

With all the tiles off the wall showing the six colours of paint!

There doesn't seem to be a "before" of the office but this is the "during".  This was the kitchen until a couple of years ago.

Our room


During - these pics almost look worse but it is just the light!

Blue room

Blue room before

Blue room during



After - in progress - the fireplace is going to go and behind my makeshift curtain is a window Andrew cut out which needs the framing fixed.



A work in progress - the ugly tiles are going to go and the kitchen and dining may get bigger

Front yard


After - in progress so more to come!

Back yard

The back yard is pretty much all Andrew's amazing work.

Before - was very overgrown.

Taking everything out

Much bigger looking!

We discovered rose bushes and a little lemon tree we didn't even know we had!

Butterless, milkless cake

Today was Andrew's birthday and because he loves jaffas he requested a jaffa cake.  For Sarah's birthday I made a cake with the Australian Women's Weekly butter cake recipe so I thought I'd just adapt that, but all the recipes I found for orange cakes just said to reduce the milk by the amount of juice, but that one only had 1/3 of a cup of milk so I thought that wouldn't work.  We looked in the Aunt Daisy cook book and it had two orange cakes - one had a whole lot of weird steps and the other was the no milk no butter one but looked much easier so we decided I should use that one.

This is meant to be what I used but I took the pic before I read the recipe - no milk needed and flour not shown!

You start by beating the eggs and sugar - it went kind of like how meringue does.  Very easy. 

It turned out delicious - smelt a little like Japanese castella.  When I first smelled it, it took me straight back to being in Japan - luckily since we had our New Years trip Andrew knew what I meant when I told him it smelt like what he had in Nara. 

It looks like it is burnt here but it isn't - it's a very fine and soft crust, like castella gets.

I iced it with the magnolia bakery butter cream icing but we didn't have much cocoa left so I ended up melting some dark cooking chocolate and adding that in.  It didn't stick that well to the top because of the sort of crust on it, but was still delicious!

In the cake stand from Andrew's Nana gave us for our wedding present. 

With Cafe Andrew flat white...