Monday, December 30, 2013

Pics from over the weekend and the day before Alex was born

Day before Alex was born
And two weeks later...

Work on Alex's bedroom and heart...

I can drive now which is making things much easier. I also saw my obstetrician when he came in to check on one of the other babies and he's arranged for a follow up in 6wks to discuss why I had the abruption and the risk of it happening again if we had another baby/what monitoring etc I'd need to have etc. It sounds not as bad as I'd orginally been told by the ward midwives which is good. 

Alex is doing well and is off all his monitoring now except for his feeding tube. He still gets his heart rate and respiratory rate checked every couple of hours.  

They are keeping an eye on his jaundice which is on the high end of normal. The paediatrician thought he was a bit orange again today but he gets blood taken every couple of days to keep track of it. 

Now the main thing keeping him in hospital is his weight and feeding.  He does ok at his 9am feed and only needs half through his tube (because he has all night to rest so he has energy to feed) but he's getting too tired during the day and needing to be tube fed for the others. He's 36wks gestation today (2wks from birth in two days) so the nurses said another week should make a big difference. We're really hoping so because it wasn't as hard leaving him when he had his lung issues because we knew hospital was the best place for him, but now it is just the feeding to sort it is a bit more frustrating and we can't wait to have him home (he hasn't even seen the sun or sky yet! When he's a bit bigger I'm going to take him for a walk to the kitchen window).

Andrew making a new hall cupboard/bookshelf for Alex's room. 
I've discovered I can attach multiple pics at once so apologies for the blurry ones-it's easier than attaching the good ones individually.Now Alex has his own clothes! (He didn't wear clothes in the incubator). Lovely new airplane onesie as picked out by Andrew.
Alex has a heart murmur which has gotten louder so he had an EKG (Echo) today to see if he needed it operated on.  Turns out it's just noisy and he's ok for now. Which is very very good.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Alex's First Christmas

We videoed Alex opening his presents so that my mum and dad and sister could see.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Not much to report today. Alex is able to wear clothes now so Andrew bought some yesterday. He got two sizes so I'll try them when he wakes up.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Alex's big boy bed!

Alex moved into a bed today! And then wet his pants through to the sheets!

And he had a drink from a proper cup too! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Alex's first Christmas

Today there were two Christmas stockings on the end of Alex's little house! He got so many amazing presents. My favourite was his foot print and photo shoot of him dressed up in an xmas outfit! So cute and such a surprise.

Alex's first skype sessionWhat was inside his stocking!

Christmas dinner