Monday, December 23, 2013

Hi I'm Alex

Just realised I hadn't put much detail about Alex and why he's here already! So, introducing Alexander James Oakenfull, born Wednesday 18 December 2013 at 9:11am. 2.705kgs (just a touch under 6 pounds).

Alex's due date was 27 January 2014 but he arrived at 34 wks +2 days because I had a placental abruption.  He must have felt like we weren't giving him enough attention in my tummy because he needed not one but two ambulances before we could leave home.  He was born by emergency cesarean section under general anaesthetic but since then he's been super chilled out and relaxed and has hardly cried when we've been around. 

Alex is in the special care baby unit (SCBU) because he was so early. His main issue is his lungs and breathing and because he's so young he is fed down a tube.  The nurses in here with him have been amazing and even though it's really hard not having him at home with us, I know this is the best place for him at the moment. 

We don't know how long he'll be in here but we've been told probably until around 20 January. 

Oh hiiiiiPracticing crunches for when I go to the gym with my mum...

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