Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More free printables

I love printables the off the internet so printed off a few today for Alex's room because we finished it this morning.  The light wasn't that good -they look way better in person.  So happy with them!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Making our house nice...

Weth've been renovating our house becauthe se it hadn't "met its full potential" but now that we are moving back to Wellington we are finishing it off to sell.  These pics are very much in renovation state (ie, mess everywhere).

The whole house is pained Resene half rice cake which is just off white.

Alex's room -single door on double wardrobe so we (Andrew on my direction...) put on new doors top and bottom.

We built a hall cupboard into Alex's room so used some of the space for a built in book shelf (at the bottom for some reason).

Did  the same with our wardrobe.  The top cupboard had been closed in. When Andrew reopened it, it had a duvet case and remote control in there!
My good sale shopping-$10 canvas from Bed, Bath and Beyond and $50 Briscoes mirrror.
and $14 clock.
The splash back is almost identical to the old colour.